There is nothing better than waking up before the crack of dawn in order to climb on an airplane. The morning started out at 440am when Susie, Juice, Amanda Mears, Dawn, Stephanie and I left Finlandia University to go to the Houghton Airport for a 6am flight.

Jumping from Houghton to Chicago and Chicago to New York, we arrived at the LGA airport by 1110am. A hitch in our accommodations led to an adventure to Jaimianne's House that made today a great success. Dawn, Susie and myself have successfully maneuvered the NYC bus , subway, and train systems without getting lost!
Dawn next to me on the train to Jaimianne.
Recently Jaimianne has been instructing clay classes at the Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY, so after she picked us up around 330pm from the train station, she took us there for her grand tour. I was impressed by the sheer variety of impressive ceramic platters exhibited in their "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?" exhibition and the endless maze of class and artist studios. If I were a ceramic artist in New York, this would be a fantastic atmosphere for an artist's studio!
Click to visit the Clay Art Center website.
I can only imagine the adventures that this month will bring!

Tomorrow: Check in for the Women's Caucus for Art conference.
2/9/2011 12:08:07 am

so excited you are doing this--have a great time!
Great photo Dawn!

ric loduha
2/9/2011 05:44:29 am

NYC subway...
a friend and i were traveling
that subway on an early morning...
early enough to see a couple sleeping
on blankets on the platform.
as we watched, she awoke first,
touched her partner who turned to her
and they kissed.
as we boarded our train
they were packing up their bedrolls.
...another time we were riding
the subway and a woman called out
from one end of the car,
"What's a nine letter word for
unfairly treated?"
and after a moment someone
(from the other end of the car)
shouted 'aggrieved'...
"Thanks." she answered.

Hope y'all gather some subway stories.
"Bon chance."


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