Based on a comment left on my last post, I have decided to share the process of making paper clay with you. Here is what you need to know: H2O + cellulose fiber = Pulp + Clay Body= Paper Clay.


Toilet paper and a white stoneware body were utilized in the making of my paper clay. First pulverize the crap out of the cellulose fiber (toilet paper) in enough water to allow a drill mixer to spin without making a sound that I imagine an asthmatic cow would make. Once the fiber has assumed the look of a cotton field after a rainstorm you are ready to squeeze all of the water out. The now slightly dehydrated paper pulp can be added to the ingredients that will make up the clay body. A pug mill is the best way to achieve a consistent texture. The clay body looks the same; however, upon close inspection you should notice the fibers along an edge of the clay that has been torn apart. These miniscule fibers give the clay body a new structural quality that allows for delicate forms, smaller detail, and crazy ideas never before imagined in clay. The firing process works typically the same for the clay body, with or without fibers introduced. During the bisque firing process all of the fibers are burned away.

3/27/2011 08:31:14 am

Can you add colors or do you need to paint it when it is done firing? Sounds really interesting!!!

3/27/2011 08:32:07 am

One more question...is it waterproof when done, like can it be used for outside lawn decorations and such?

3/27/2011 12:44:41 pm

Thanks for the questions Gigles!

Paper clay works the same as the clay body to which you add the paper fibers. So some clay bodies can be colored slightly before firing. You can paint the clay after the bisque firing or you can glaze the clay. The type of clay body you use would would determine if it would survive outside. If you glaze your clay piece or seal it with some waterproofing paint or sealant, it should be fine outdoors to enliven any lawn space!

3/29/2011 06:26:08 pm

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