I am using many different types of lace.
Another week has come to an end, which means I have two weeks left until my project is due! I am so glad it is the weekend because that means I have no scheduled events to get in the way of productivity! Lets hope this weekend proves to be as productive as the last!

I now have 150 brick structures, 26 of which are covered in lace! I am using all different types of lace to cover the bricks including curtains, women's shirts, and even a wedding dress. I am excited that I have enough of these lace objects in order to use entirely reclaimed lace. It is wonderful to think of all the women who used and washed and made these objects, and I am really thrilled that these unknown stories will become a part of  my sculpture.
Thanks Phyllis for taking this picture!
Yesterday Phyllis stopped by the studio and took a picture of me gluing the lace to some of the 10 inch bricks. On the left side of the table you can see piles of lace that I cut out for the 4, 6, 8, and 10 inch bricks.
Weights helping the lace stick to the wood form.
I am attaching the lace using a tacky glue and weights to ensure that the lace sticks well. This method has cut my brick covering process down to about 10-15 minutes per brick!

This weekend I will continue covering bricks and constructing brick forms. I hope I can find enough space on my table in the wood shop to put the next 150 bricks, but this could be difficult considering I could barely fit the first 150. Wish me luck!
The first 150 brick forms in my wood shop work space.
4/2/2011 12:24:29 am

I can not wait to see these in person. Will they be for sale individually? Or are they solely meant as installation?

4/2/2011 12:59:55 am

I hope they will be for sale individually. Not positive about that yet. It depends on how I have to connect them for the final sculpture.

4/8/2011 04:53:18 am


I was just contemplating making one of these for myself when I say your blocks for the first time.

4/8/2011 01:01:53 pm

Thanks Sarah for thinking of me! This is a great sight and now I want to make one of these lamps as well!


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