While my Diploma Works has been moving forward, I have been severely lacking in the blogging front. Lets hope this does not last!

After a rough creative block over the holiday break from school, I was able to get right back onto the swing of things with the new semester. My final diploma works sculptures will incorporate two larger-than-human scale sculptures that will create the perfect opportunity to compare the pieces as they stand side-by-side in the gallery. One will be made out of clay and the other out of fiber.

During January I worked mostly in the ceramics studio with paper clay to begin creating my woven forms for the clay sculpture.
close up of woven forms in the damp box.
I have also begun to test my idea for the fiber sculpture. This will all have to wait because I am currently in New York for my internship with Green Map. I will be working on my senior paper until then, so if you want to follow my adventures in New York please visit my Mapping New York blog.
2/9/2011 07:37:56 am

What is paper clay?


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