Despite a sticky assembly, it turned out quite nice!
As a kid I fondly recall the pleasure of gluing my fingers together with Elmers glue and then peeling off the glue once it had dried. Today I found myself doing just that; although, not intentionally.

While I continued the weekend's balancing routine around the wood shop (cutting, painting, gluing, and pin nailing the bricks), I did switch it up by testing a glue to adhere the lace to the wood brick forms. I have tried acrylic matte medium, rubber cement and regular white glue, but they either do not work, make the lace too plastic-like, or they dry yellow.

Today I tested the Elmer's brand of tacky glue and had success! It dried so that I did not see a color change, it stuck the lace to the wood and the lace to the lace... but not without turning my fingers into a sticky mess! It looks like I finally have a gluing method that will work and provide entertainment to those around me as well!
The feather board is the angled piece of wood on the right. It is helping press the board being cut against the white guard on the left.
I also learned a nifty trick from my professor Rick. We were cutting 6" x 1.25" x 4' boards into .25" x.25" x 4' rods and it was becoming a struggle to ensure even cuts. So we fashioned a "feather board" that keeps the board pressed against the guard so that more even cuts are ensured. 

Tomorrow I will continue with my wood shop dance and cut, glue, paint, pin nail, and constructing these bricks.  I currently have 76 frames, two of which are covered in lace and my final sculpture calls for 314 bricks. Wish me luck!
shirley williams
3/28/2011 11:02:05 am

hello Amanda, ur grandmother sent me your website and I have enjoyed reviewing your graduation project as it is thus far. We, Bob and I, send u r best wishes and know u will complete this project successfully as u never give up. we remain in AZ and won't have the opportunity to attend your graduation. It does not seem possible. Time flies by far too quickly.

9/2/2012 03:47:43 am

Good post dude


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