Delicate by Amanda Moyer © 2011
On Friday,  Finlandia University's 19 BFA (Bachelor of Fine Art) candidates hung their senior Diploma Works in the Finlandia University Gallery. Some stayed for 15 minutes to hang a presentation board, others had multiple paintings to hang, and other still returned on Saturday for a second day of hanging. Myself and my fellow fiber/ fashion designers Susie, J.R., and Audrey all returned Saturday to complete the hanging of our senior pieces. After much laughter and hours of work I am happy to say that the show has been hung!

There is a fantastic amount of diversity in the show this year with everything from t-shirt designs to Silk Kimonos and WWII illustrations to Lord of the Rings upholstery fabric. There is something for everyone in this show!

Come to talk with the artists and see their work during the exhibition's opening Saturday, April 30 from 7-830pm at the Finnish American Heritage Center 435 Quincy St, Hancock, MI.

I will post pictures of the show after the opening so that I do not spoil the surprise for those of you attending the opening. See you there
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