My Friend Jaimianne sent me a link about these wonderful ceramic bow ties. You should all check them out!

For some reason I am absolutely fascinated by men's accessories. Maybe it is because culturally women do not typically wear neckties and bow ties, but I think they are fantastic. All of the beautiful weaves, prints, and patterns are too beautiful to be wasted on individuals who detest wearing them. Ladies I think it is time to enjoy great accessories like bow ties and neckties!

10/05/2010 14:04

I LOVE the dark blue bow tie on the website. I think making some hair pieces using bow ties would be a great idea. I personally like bow ties I think they are cute, and would wear one in my hair. :)

11/01/2010 06:44

Great point amanda.

01/20/2011 16:00

Some of my favorite fabric patterns and designs are on ties. I wear them when I can, but the collars on most women's dress shirts don't button all the way up which makes wearing a tie with them inappropriate.


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