My Friend Jaimianne sent me a link about these wonderful ceramic bow ties. You should all check them out!

For some reason I am absolutely fascinated by men's accessories. Maybe it is because culturally women do not typically wear neckties and bow ties, but I think they are fantastic. All of the beautiful weaves, prints, and patterns are too beautiful to be wasted on individuals who detest wearing them. Ladies I think it is time to enjoy great accessories like bow ties and neckties!
One of many awkwardly histerical positions Ms. Trevino put me in, in order to get a great shot! Photo by Stephanie Trevino
A car window shade makes a great reflector for photo shoots! Photo by Stephanie Trevino
The photos are here! If you go the the Necktie Creations gallery you can find the awesome photos taken by Ms. Stephanie Trevino! It was so much fun to work with her; so much to the point that I received a great ab workout by laughing so hard!  The pictures above are only a peak at the great fun we had.

I have already begun new necktie creations that I hope to debut in the 2010 Finlandia Student-Alumni Fashion Show. The show will take place November 20th, 2010 at the Finnish American Heritage Center in Hancock, MI at 7pm for anyone interested in coming.  I hope to have vests, more hair pieces, a dress, and whatever other pieces I am inspired to finish in time!

In the realm of diploma works... well lets just say I am praying for some enlightenment soon.  I know that I want to stretch the abilities of different mediums to their extremes in a way that takes a seemingly feminine material and makes it masculine, and takes an overtly masculine material an makes it feminine.

I have done a good deal of physical ideations in clay lately. They are mostly attempts at weaving stoneware. Stoneware is masculine to me, and the thought of making something delicate and loosely woven seems like a step in the right direction. As of late my only hold up is physically achieving woven ceramic three-dimensional pieces. The drying process seems to be the tricky part and I hope to figure out the secret to that soon. If anyone has any suggestions in that department, please let me know!