Today I went on a photo shoot with my friend and artist, Stephanie Trevino!  We traveled to Hungarian Falls with six bags full of artwork, cameras, snacks, towels and clothes in order to document the necktie hair pieces that I have been creating.  To think what all the other hikers must of been thinking as they past Stephanie and myself with our bags sprawled across the rocks and me making funny poses and holding my car sun reflector in order to create the perfectly lit scene. It was a wonderful afternoon of laughter and exercise amongst the beauty of Michigan's Upper Peninsula!

I am so excited to see what moments and awkward faces Stephanie captured. We should be meeting this week to look over the photos.... Yay! 

After she finished photographing seven of my hair pieces, I donned a pair of black nylons with a creme skirt my grandma had made for me a few years back.  Stephanie is working on a project that involves documenting the process of someone wearing, playing in, and destroying the black nylons. It was a complete blast climbing on rocks, playing in water, ripping, and storing items like buttons in those black nylons. I felt almost like a nymph or a woodland fairy with all the leaves that I stuck in my hair and inside my nylons.

As usual, it is always a great adventure with Trevino...

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